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New Plan: At Least it IS a Plan

2015-10-26 22:13:34 by Emersomatic

Son of a bitch, has it been distracting to get on with what I want to do. I'll admit, I allowed WAY too many evenings to playing video games or thinking about what my comic(s) will be like without actually putting pen to paper, but college was seriously NO GORAM HELP. I've taken FOUR art classes since first enrolling - ONE was a little bit relevant to my interests, the others have only been irrelevant at best, and at worst, offensive to my identity as an artist. On top of that, the degree I was shooting for is completely worthless, and I've stopped pretending that it's worth this much time and effort.

So I'm only still attending one class of the three I signed on for this semester (no points for correctly guessing that it's not the art class) and I'm just going to look for some entry-level job somewhere else. I don't need very high pay - just need "a" job.

In the meantime, I've conceived of about five settings that are ripe for an episodic and/or procedural series before even finishing one complete story. Oh, and that 3-panel thing probably isn't going to go anywhere; the real point of it was to get used to drawing entirely in illustrator, but I've since decided that's a waste of time since I'm already so good at physical and have a more convenient way to scan onto a computer now, so I might just archive that strip. Moving on!

-----THE NEW PLAN-----

What do you do when you have the germs of several good things, but know that you can't commit time to ALL of them? Throw them at the wall and see what sticks, of course!

I'm going to complete the first issue of one setting as a Pilot Issue, then leave it alone to complete the pilot of the next most complete setting, all the while sketching around some concept art, basic plot and scenes for the remaining, less-developed settings.

And now, a pledge to myself:

---I will NOT overthink, rethink, or doubt the story or setting in the middle of drawing the actual panels. (this is the main reason making a comic has taken this long for me)
---If I get an idea for a new setting, or think that "X" would be better if "Y," that idea will go in the very back o' mah brain-space and NOT stop me from completing the current pilot.
---I WILL draw something, edit a drawing and/or do something with a script EVERY SINGLE DAY.
---I will NOT start playing video games before having done one of these things.
---I WILL make a habit of scanning my concept art and practice drawings.
---I WILL post these images to DeviantART, Newgrounds, AND whatever other art community website I may end up joining in the meantime.
---Despite the other rules in this pledge, I WILL allow myself to have as much fun as possible for every single step of the process.

Hopefully this is enough to get me going somewhere. The setting that I'll do first may be the least developed overall, but it's also the one with the most developed pilot story. Stay tuned for concept art, updates concerning, and eventually the pilot for: JB & Dax: One Screwed Up Odyssey!


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