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STORYBOARDS! or, Why "Wayfarers" Didn't Go Anywhere

2015-03-09 13:33:06 by Emersomatic

Here's a journal I posted on DeviantArt.


So I'm in college now. That first month and a half have been busy. Not as stringent as American public High School, but still enough to hinder my work here. On Monday and Wednesday I take an hour or so at Principles of Mathematics - the course that you take to get some math credit when you know that you're no goram good at math. Still, surprisingly easy. On Tuesday and Thursday it's mind-numbingly poorly presented Art History followed by a drawing class where we use awkward drawing tools on absurdly large paper. Those classes are on a campus that's a full hour's drive away from my house. It's times like this I wish I could convey a dry tone of sarcasm in writing, so that I could mark how "pleasant" this all is. Fridays see a single, long English 101. It's required before taking any other English classes that I know of, High School credit doesn't count to get a free pass, and it has the most homework of the classes I'm currently taking. The teacher is a lot of fun, though.

Anyway, if you read the title, you're expecting context. It wasn't that I was out of ideas for story; in fact, I have more in my head than time to sketch it all down. the main problem, I think, as to why I haven't gotten anywhere in a proper comic, is that I haven't done storyboards. See, even if you have a general idea as to how your story would theoretically play out, you can't just start from page 1 and keep going from there. Trust me, I've tried it. The results were not getting past the first page and cover before losing interest and beginning to change things that were already established. Even in comics - the simplest visual storytelling medium - you need to sketch out the plot, not just the character designs and a child's handful of setting detail.

In the time I managed to spare for it, I completed a one-page storyboard and have started on the first two pages. I don't know whether I'll complete them one at a time and post them in as they come, or wait until I have a poster to start, but I have a muddy scan of the pencil-drawn storyboard ready, and I'll post it as soon as I'm done uploading this entry.


I don't think I can get away with posting something as scrappy as a storyboard on NG's art forum (I'll have to check on that), but it's a good update without needing to write up a seperate journal for both sites.


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