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New to 'Grounds - sorta

2015-02-01 16:33:30 by Emersomatic

HellOOOOOO fellow cartoonists!

My name is Maddock Emerson (that's pronounced "MAD-ik," hence the "-omatic" pun in my UN). I'm a nerdy, college-age, cynical-sounding layabout from ruralish Pennsylvania. Basically, nobody cares who I am. So why should you? Well, as it stands at the time, you shouldn't. But I'd appreciate it if you did - because I'm lonely and miserable, you see.

I never had good luck landing jobs, so as a teen, that gave me a lot of time to do stuff, which led to me doing a lot of drawing. It's gotten to the point where I'm now in a community college to major in Art & Design. This is the first thing on social media that I've gotten an opportunity to do since classes started. Don't worry, I'll figure out whether I'm a comic book guy or an animator or whatever... eventually. And then you might see some consistent pattern of posts.

I've been on this site before, but that came from needing an account in order to access the A-rated games (I didn't have the courage to just search for regular porn and risk having it come up on browser history), and it amounted to getting in a troll war where this group of members just didn't figure out that I was 14 years old and/or that taking time out of their day to relay their several paragraphs of irritation to whichever of their friends I hadn't already blocked, was a petty waste of their life. If you are one of these members, and you somehow recognize my most likely wildly different writer's voice, and you're still going to flame me over that, then all I can say is: Congratulations! You're even more of an asshole now than I was back then, and that says a lot.

I'll get around to Profile Image, Icon, first posts, etc. sometime between homework and video games.

See you on the other side.


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